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RAYNET get a helping hand from Hastings Direct

17th August 2013

RAYNET has just received A Helping Hand from local insurance broker Hastings Direct to update its equipment.

Hastings Direct's A Helping Hand makes financial, professional and physical support available to the local community. Each month Hastings is able to offer either professional support from its 1,500+ staff, or physical support with team building days. In addition, Hastings has made a small monthly grant available to support local funding.

RAYNET, The Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network is the UK's national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs.

Created following severe flooding in 1953, RAYNET provide a way of organising amateur radio to help local communities in an emergency. Over two thousand amateur radio operators have access to a wide range of radio bands, to offer a unique range of emergency communication services. RAYNET is regarded as a professional support organisation by both the statutory and volunteer emergency service organisations.

Hastings Direct has donated £150 to RAYNET for the purchase of new more up to date equipment. Jay Wootten, community liaison, Hastings Direct: "Being based on the coast, we recognise and support all the services that are here for us in an emergency. We are glad that we have been able to support — in some small way — the vital work of these volunteers."

If you know of a local organisation in need of A Helping Hand, please email jaywootten@hastingsdirect.com with details of your organisation and how we may be able to assist.

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