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New charity launches with Hastings Direct's support

14th May 2012

Hastings doubles donations to charity for first six months

A new charity which aims to raise the awareness of male cancers and other health issues affecting men — The Blue Ribbon Foundation — (charity number 1141261) has just launched (May 9th) at the Houses of Parliament at a reception hosted by the charity's patron minister Chloe Smith, MP for Norwich North.

The charity is being supported by insurance broker Hastings Direct's insureblue brand which will make a donation to the Blue Ribbon Foundation (BRF) with every insurance policy sold at insure Blue.

Hastings Direct's insurepink insurance product already supports the BRF's sister charity — the Pink Ribbon Foundation — which raises money for breast cancer charities. To date, insurepink has raised over £350,000 for the Pink Ribbon Foundation supporting over 50 UK breast cancer charities with funding for research, nursing staff and equipment.

To commemorate the launch of BRF, insure Blue will double the usual donation from £10 to £20 for each car insurance or home insurance policy sold for the next six months.

Jonathon Prince, trustee, BRF: "Together with Hastings we undertook some research into male health education and the results were shocking. We firmly believe that one of the reasons men die earlier than women is due to the double whammy of limited education about male health issues combined with their lack of impetus in seeking advice from a healthcare professional when their bodies are not functionally normally. We believe that with support from companies such as Hastings, we can help tackle this issue and help men to live longer and healthier lives by funding any and all activities which support the further education of male health issues and male cancers."

Edward Fitzmaurice, CEO, Hastings Direct: "As a company we are committed to helping. We hope our insureblue product will be as successful and supportive for the BRF as our insurepink brand has been for the Pink Ribbon Foundation. We want to recognise the generous act of all our customers who by the simple and every day act of buying car and home insurance have done so much to help find a cure for breast cancer and we hope will now do the same for male cancers and male health issues."

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