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Insurance Broker Hastings Direct now offers protection against Britain's 1.5m uninsured drivers

7th December 2011

One of the UK's fastest growing insurance brokers, Hastings Direct has upgraded its comprehensive motor insurance policy* to include protection against uninsured drivers and vandalism at no extra cost to its customers.

Uninsured drivers cost UK motorists £500m each year**, yet less than one in five of UK comprehensive motor insurance policies offer protection against uninsured drivers.***

UK drivers who take out Hastings Direct or Hastings Premier motor insurance policies will now be financially protected against the 1.5million uninsured drivers on UK roads, ensuring that their no claims bonus and excess payments are protected.

The Hastings Direct Uninsured Driver Promise:

In the event that you are involved in an accident that is deemed not to be your fault and the driver of the vehicle that hit you is not insured, your no claims bonus will not be prejudiced in any way and you will not have to pay an excess. Terms and conditions apply.

The Hastings Direct Vandalism Promise:

If you need to make a claim for your car as a result of vandalism which is a malicious or deliberate act, you will not lose you no claims bonus. Terms and conditions apply.

Shaun Law, head of new business, Hastings Direct: "UK motorists are facing a tough enough financial burden with rising fuel prices etc. without having to be worried about the significant financial hardship that being hit by an uninsured driver can cause. We are proud to be able to offer real protection for any motorist who takes out this policy".

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