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Hastings Van Insurance Reveals The Nation's Popular White Van Slogans

13th July 2010

Chuckling at slogans written in the dirt of a white van has become a much-loved national pastime. To celebrate the hours of amusement which white van slogans bring to the nation, van insurance provider Hastings Direct can now reveal the most popular white van slogans, as voted for by people up and down the country.

"I wish my wife was as dirty as this" topped the poll, with 43 per cent of votes, with the top ten as follows:

  • I wish my wife was as dirty as this.
  • Also available in white.
  • Clean me!
  • Dirtier than your mum.
  • I'm a Porsche underneath.
  • I am the Stig.
  • Dirty, but fun.
  • For sale: mop and bucket, never used.
  • Meant to roam, no time for foam.
  • Don't wash me, plant something.

Martin Paling, head of Hastings van insurance: "White van drivers are a British institution. Whether debating their driving etiquette or laughing over cheeky slogans scrawled in the dirt, they are the topic of constant conversation and banter. In order to celebrate the amusement and discussions which white van slogans, in particular, evoke, Hastings decided to run a poll to find the nation's favourite slogan."

"Hastings Direct's celebration of white van men is reflected in its competitive van insurance policies which are specifically tailored for business needs. With the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders having just announced that commercial vehicle output soared by 129 per cent in May, compared with last year, Hastings Direct's van insurance business — which itself has grown by 80 per cent since the start of the year — is expected to grow even more significantly throughout the rest of 2010."

Van drivers insuring through Hastings Direct can expect an average saving of £40.92*. For more information or a quote visit www.hastingsdirect.com.

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