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Hastings launches a helping hand — a new community funding & support programme

14th August 2012

As one of the largest employers in Bexhill, insurance broker Hastings Direct is frequently contacted by local groups and charities seeking support. In response, Hastings Direct has just launched its first community programme — A Helping Hand.

A Helping Hand makes financial, professional and physical support available to the local community. Each month Hastings is able to offer professional support from its staff, or physical support with team building days, where those in need can ask for help from Hastings 1300+ staff. The new programme allows each member of staff to donate one day — effectively making over 100 days a month available to the local community. In addition, Hastings has made a small monthly grant available to support local funding.

Any local charity, good cause or individual in need can apply directly to Hastings for support. All applications will then be assessed each month by the Helping Hand committee. Applications which are then selected will receive donated resources — physical, professional or financial.

Jay Wootten, chair A Helping Hand: "When we launched our 1,000 staff days last year we worked solely with our charity partner of the year. Feedback from our staff has let us know that they would like to do more, for more and we have risen to this challenge by creating A Helping Hand. A Helping Hand not only gives our staff greater flexibility to support a much wide range of good causes, but also gives the local community greater access to us, so we can ultimately strengthen and broaden our ties within our local community."

If you know of a local organisation in need of A Helping Hand, please email Jay Wooten for an application form.

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