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Hastings Direct Launches Cover for Helmet & Leathers

5th November 2010

Britain's 1.5m bikers can now protect their helmet and leathers with new cover just launched by brokers Hastings Direct.

"Helmet and leathers insurance" offers all motorcyclists who are insured with Hastings Direct up to £750 protection for loss or damage of their motorcycle clothing for just £31.99 — that's less than 9p per day.

Dec Fisher, head of bike insurance, Hastings Direct: "Bikers know the value that quality helmet and leathers can mean should an accident occur. Next to their bike purchase, these items of safety clothing represent the second biggest investment and warrant special protection. Our new cover offers good cover at great value".

Hastings Direct Top Tips for Helmet & Leathers

How To Choose Good Leathers

  1. Does it fit properly? — The jacket should be snug fit when worn over your everyday clothes, whilst the arms should not pinch and nothing should be too restrictive. Leather will give with wear. Trousers should be comfy so you can be in the saddle all day.
  2. Check for armour — A good quality jacket will include CE-approved armour to help absorb some initial shock from a crash and to reduce the chances of skin and tissue grazes and cuts from sliding on the road. For trousers, armour can be in the knees and shins — ensure it does not move and cause discomfort and nothing rubs.
  3. Check the stitching — Overlaid or triple stitching at the seams is less likely to burst open on impact.
  4. Check the zips — Most jackets have zips around the waist to allow a pair of leather trousers to be attached, so make sure the zips are compatible with your trousers.

How To Choose A Good Helmet

A helmet's life is deemed to start when it is first used and should only be replaced when it shows signs of wear or it has been dropped, or banged. If it has been dropped or banged, then the shock absorbing polystyrene lining will need immediate checking to see if it should be replaced.

N.B. The manufacturers' recommendation of a five-year life is an estimate based on average daily use with its associated wear and tear.

The Law for Helmet & Leathers

  • Helmets are compulsory and must be marked BS 6658 1985 or UN/ECE 22-05.
  • Visors they must conform to BS 4110, which ensures a level of scratch resistance and permits up to 50per cent light transmittance. Any other visors are illegal but sunglasses, tear-offs and inner wrap-arounds are permitted.
  • Protective clothing and amour. Amour should carry a CE mark, the most common is EN 1621-1 and is essentially there to protect elbows, hips, knees and shoulders and is generally fitted within the clothing. Clothing standards should be BS EN 13595-1: 2002 or EN 13595-1.

For more information on helmet and leathers cover or to get a bike insurance quote, please call Hastings Bike Insurance on 0333 321 9760.

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