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Hastings Direct launches pet insurance for britain's moggies & doggies

25th May 2011

Hastings Direct has just launched competitively priced pet insurance for Britain's 16 million cat (8 million) and dog (8 million) owners.

Hastings Direct is offering pet owners the choice of five different types of policies starting from £3.89 per month. Pet owners can choose to spread the cost over 12 months at no extra cost and no credit check required.

Pet owners have a choice of cover for their animals for accident only right through to life cover. The top life cover policy offers pet owners the reassurance of an annual sum of protection up to £6,000 in case their pet develops a chronic ongoing condition such as diabetes or a skin condition, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis or a one off accident like a broken leg.

No matter which cover is chosen, Hastings Direct pet owners will also have access to a free 24 hour vet helpline. Claims are paid directly to the vet and the company offers a five working day turnaround guarantee for any claim.

Hastings Direct no longer offers pet insurance.

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