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Hastings Direct gives sea cadets a helping hand

7th June 2016

Hastings Direct A Helping Hand.

Hastings Direct has given A Helping Hand to Hastings Sea Cadets ("TS Hastings") with a donation of £250 to help towards updating its current internet system used by the cadets for its online training.

TS Hastings, located on the town's seafront and part of the national Sea Cadets Corps (SCC), contacted the general insurance provider when its current internet connection becoming increasingly strained from various activities including their booking and registering systems.

Lt (SCC) Chris Connor RMR, Office In Charge commented, "We are delighted to have received this generous contribution from Hastings Direct. Most of what we do is offline and interactive but an improved internet connection means online training and simple tasks can be completed quickly. This allows the instructors to focus their efforts on teaching the cadets the basic principles of Navy Life such as seamanship, drill and sailing. It also allows us to focus our fundraising efforts on the other essential and large project items we need including a new minibus and building renovations."

The SCC is a nationwide, voluntary youth organisation open to young people aged 10–18 years and welcomes all abilities within the bounds of safety to themselves and others. Each individual Unit is its own charity and must raise its own funds to pay bills, as well as provide safe equipment. The charity purpose of the SCC is to promote the development of young people in achieving their physical, intellectual and social potential as individuals and as responsible citizens by the provision of education and leisure time activities using a nautical theme.

Hastings Direct's A Helping Hand scheme looks to help local groups and charities. Along with monetary assistance, groups or individuals can apply for practical and professional help from Hastings' colleagues, who donate their time to help and make a difference in the local area.

To make an application for A Helping Hand, email community@hastingsdirect.com including your name, your position and how Hastings Direct can help including any financial amount.

For more information on Be the Change — visit about.lovelocaljobs.com

About TS Hastings Sea Cadets

TS Hastings Sea Cadets ("TS Hastings"), a registered local charity, has been offering young people between the ages of 10 and 18 an environment where they can find confidence and inspiration through nautical adventure since 1939. Part of the Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC) with over 14,000 cadets across the UK, the Sea Cadets challenges young people, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills based on the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy.

TS Hastings is run entirely by volunteers, mainly former sea cadets and parents, who spend evenings and weekends working with local youngsters, teaching them the basic principles of Navy life - from drill to tying knots to sailing and power boating. The range of activities has been designed to help young people experience adventure, develop personally and gain valuable qualifications along the way. In an increasingly digital age, TS Hastings offers young people the opportunity to put down their devices, interact with other children and adults while learning new skills that offer a good grounding to help provide the possible head start in life.

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