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Hastings Direct gives Bexhill A Helping Hand

26th January 2016

Hastings Direct A Helping Hand.

Hastings Direct hands out Easter eggs.

A Helping Hand to Education Futures Trust in Hastings — providing Easter eggs to families in need.

General Insurance Provider Hastings Direct has announced that it will once again be giving A Helping Hand to local charities and organisations throughout 2016.

Supporting the community since 2010, Hastings Direct's A Helping Hand scheme looks to help local groups and charities. Along with monetary assistance, groups or individuals can apply for practical and professional help from Hastings' colleagues, who can donate their time to help and make a difference in the local area.

Around £12,000 and 5,500 man hours were donated by Hastings in 2015, helping over 50 charities and local groups and making a real difference to hundreds of individuals.

Jay Wootton Community Liaison commented, "Last year we helped over 50 community groups and charities via our Helping Hand scheme — we are now looking at who we might be able to help in 2016".

To make an application for A Helping Hand, email community@hastingsdirect.com including your name, your position and how Hastings Direct can help including any financial amount.

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