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Coastguard gives thanks and recognistion to Hastings Direct

28th January 2011

Part of our emergency services, the Coastguard relies on help from its 3,800 volunteers to run its service.

Bexhill employer Hastings Direct has just been recognised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for the support it gives its staff members who wish to volunteer for the service and can be paged away from their work day at any time.

At a recent presentation with the Coastguard's senior manager, Nick Jury and deputy station officer, Gary Tidman, Hastings Direct employee and Coastguard volunteer Jake Pearson joined Hastings Direct CEO Edward Fitzmaurice to receive the recognition on behalf of the company.

Edward Fitzmaurice, CEO, Hastings Direct: "As a responsible employer and Bexhill's largest employer, we want to support any members of staff who wish to take on more civic responsibility, especially those who wish to volunteer and support our emergency services.

"The Coastguard plays a vital role in protecting and serving the Bexhill community and we are proud to be able to support them in their essential, life-saving work."

Nick Jury, sector manager, East Sussex: "Without the support of employers such as Hastings Direct, the Coastguard Rescue Service would be unable to carry out its important work of protecting the public around the Coastline of the UK."

The Coastguard is currently looking for volunteers in the Bexhill area, if you are interested please contact Deputy Station Officer Gary Tidman at gary.tidman@bexhillcoastguard.co.uk

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