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A helping hand for … Bexhill United

24th September 2012

Hastings Direct's Community Programme Supports Bexhill United's Youth Teams

Hastings Direct's community programme — A Helping Hand — is supporting Bexhill United by donating £200 to train two new football coaches.

Hastings Direct's A Helping Hand makes financial, professional and physical support available to the local community. Each month Hastings is able to offer either professional support from its 1,300+ staff, or physical support with team building days. In addition, Hastings has made a small monthly grant available to support local funding.

Bexhill United was formed in 2002 following the amalgamation of Bexhill Town and Bexhill Amateur Athletic Association. Glenco is the Youth Section ranging from 7s to under 11s. Youths aged 12 upwards progress through with Bexhill United. The new coaches are earmarked to support young new budding footballers.

Tracy Aston, club secretary, Bexhill United: "Support from local organisations such as Hastings Direct is invaluable to promote the development and participation of youth in sport. Learning the correct way is important — so by accessing more qualified coaches we can provide a safe environment to develop skills . Bexhill United would like to thank Hastings Direct for supporting our club and recognise its commitment to improving the town and community of Bexhill."

Jay Wootten, chair A Helping Hand: "With Bexhill United showing great enthusiasm to develop youth football together with Hastings Direct being one of the largest and established employers in the area, we felt our support to the club goes hand in hand with promoting and encouraging talent whether it being out on the pitch or within the workplace. Let's hope our support leads to the next Wayne Rooney being found!"

If you know of a local organisation in need of A Helping Hand, please email jaywootten@hastingsdirect.com for an application form.

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