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Green Card – frequently asked questions

In the event of a no deal Brexit, all UK motorists who wish to drive in Europe may need to carry a Green Card to prove they have insurance. If this happens and you plan to drive your own car in the EU you'll need to request a Green Card from us.

You don't need a Green Card to drive in the EU at the moment, so we're not currently issuing them. If the situation changes, we'll start sending them so please check this page for updates.

What's a Green Card?

  • They're an international certificate of insurance that's printed on green paper.
  • They're issued by your vehicle insurer to prove you're insured to drive in the EU.
  • They're personalised with your UK registration details and are signed by your insurer.
  • You'll need to carry your Green Card with you if you're driving in Europe after a no deal Brexit.
  • They can't be downloaded so they have to be posted to your home address.
  • You may need a second card if you plan to tow a trailer or caravan.

Will I be insured to drive in the EU after Brexit?

Yes. We, like all UK motor insurance providers, will continue to provide you the legal minimum motor insurance cover for travel to EEA countries as part of your current policy.

So, if you're a UK motorist, you won't need to purchase additional third-party motor insurance policy cover. Many of our customers will actually have a similar level of cover abroad as they get in the UK. For details of your cover, check your policy booklet.

What countries do I need a Green Card for?

Any member of the European Union, plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra and Serbia. You'll also need a Green Card if you plan to drive between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Find out more details on the countries included.

How do I get one?

While Brexit negotiations are on-going you won't need a Green Card to drive in the EU.

We'll keep this page up-to-date with any new information so make sure to check here if you're planning to drive in the EU.

For more information on Green Cards and the latest on driving abroad you can visit:

The association of British Insurers


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