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All media elements of Hastings Insurance Services.

As seen on TV

TV generates even more interested customers, broadens our brand awareness and raises the company's profile.

NEW! Hastings Direct seafood car insurance TV advert 2015

In this advert from Hastings Direct, Stephen Seagull is looking out for low prices for car insurance customers. Harry Hastings points him towards a seafood stall that has all the answers.

Hastings Direct Full Picture Advert July 2013

Introducing Hastings Direct new TV advert featuring Harry Hastings the straight talking consumer champion, and a lively new character Stephen Seagull.

Stephen can often be found getting carried away with marketing promises so its lucky Harry is there to bring him back down to earth with refreshingly straightforward advice.

Hastings Direct Accident Advert March 2013

Enjoy the second instalment of Hastings Direct new TV advert Harry and Stephen share a rather awkward moment Lucky that Stephen is good at quietly making things right when there's been an accident.

Previously, Hastings Direct adverts featured an older style 'Harry Hastings', the iconic company mascot, whilst the famous 0800 00 1066 jingle and phone number has become well known throughout the UK. Here is a selection of our 20052008 adverts:

Hastings Direct
Hastings Direct